Where does Europe’s smallest seabird go at sea?

Dr Adam Kane, Emma Critchley, Gavin Arneill and Dr Jodie Crane, are seeking funding from the public, using the crowdsourcing site Experiment.com.  The project involves tagging Storm Petrels to investigate their movements at sea:

“Discovering where seabirds fly while they’re at sea is notoriously difficult, because we can’t observe them directly. We aim to rectify this by tagging and tracking one species, the elusive and diminutive European Storm Petrel, on its forays off the Atlantic coast of Ireland. We will use this information to build a map showing when and where the species forages, ultimately enabling us to protect them from oil spills, wind turbines and other dangers at sea.”

Follow the link to read more about the project, or make a donation.

Adult Storm Petrel