Step 1 – Choose a Survey Location

The ArcGIS Coverage Map combines the latest datasets of woodland distribution from the Forest Inventory and Planning System, Corine Land Cover and Coillte. This Coverage Map will monitor observer uptake and distribution.

A. Choose a Survey Zone

First, choose a survey zone by clicking on the map below and follow these instructions:

  • Zoom in on an area you would like to survey
  • Click on the Blue zone you want to survey
  • Under Claimed, write Yes. Under Name, write your name.
  • Press X
  • The zone will turn from blue to red meaning that nobody else can now survey that zone. Thus if the zone is already red, this means somebody else has chosen it, so please choose another zone.

Below is a video of the steps described. Please view the video if you are still unsure of the steps to follow.

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable with selecting your zone through the Coverage Map, please email the name of the woods and the region the woodland is located or GPS coordinates to .

If you would like to survey a woodland, but the location is not indicated by a blue zone on the map, please get in contact with

You may choose to claim as many survey areas you like. However, please only claim a zone if you are reasonably certain that you can commit to surveying it.

B. Choose a Single Fixed Point Within Your Survey Zone

You will probably need to do a pre-survey visit to your survey zone to establish the best place to locate your count point. Choose a single fixed point within your survey zone, preferably in the middle of the single biggest block of woodland within your zone.

It is important that this location is not under closed canopy, make sure you can see the sky so that roding woodcock will be seen and heard more easily. Ideal survey locations include forest clearings, wide firebreaks and woodland rides.

This is the point from which you will conduct ALL observations. It will be very important that you remain at the same point for the duration of all counts.

Now that you have selected your survey location, please proceed to Step 2 to carry out the survey.