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School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Room G16 Cooperage Building
North Mall Campus
University College Cork

Tel: +353 (0)21 490 4676


Darío graduated as a Licentiate in Biology at the University of Barcelona (BSc and non-thesis MSc), completed an MSc in Biodiversity & Conservation at Doñana Biological Station, and is currently a PhD candidate at University College Cork. Since 2005 he has worked on research and conservation projects across the world (Spain, Ireland, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Panama, South Africa, etc.). This work has been aimed at improving our understanding of various aspects of the ecology of endangered and non-endangered species, focusing mainly on birds (Cory’s Shearwater, Lapwing, Curlew, Ant-eating Chat, Harpy Eagle, Ridgway’s Hawk, Merlin, Kestrel, Long-eared Owl, Barn Owl, etc.).


Research Interests

Darío is interested in understanding how species respond to the various driving factors of global change at different population, spatial and temporal scales. His PhD at UCC (supervised by John O’Halloran and John Quinn) looks at how a riparian top predator, the Irish Dipper, is affected by long term weather patterns and changes in land use. He is also studying the use of physiological parameters in these birds as a fine-scale, integrative measure of an ecosystem’s quality (see project website). He is also involved in two other projects at UCC studying the interactions between wind energy developments and Hen Harriers and the effects of afforestation on Merlin (for more information see Darío’s personal website).


Key Papers

  1. Wilson, M., Fernández-Bellon, D., Irwin, S. & O’Halloran, J. 2017. Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus population trends in relation to wind farms. Bird Study, 64(1). [doi: 10.1080/00063657.2016.1262815]
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Outreach Activities

The Dipper project has featured on RTE Radio 1 (Mooney goes wild) and RTE television (Creedon’s Weather).

Darío is also passionate about photography and filming, which he sees as great tools for generating awareness on the plight of endangered species and habitats. He is currently involved with Crossing the Line films in the production of several wildlife documentaries, and some of his images and footage have been featured in different publications, media and events: